As I made my way into the city on the train the morning of the wedding I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. This was my first time photographing a city wedding, but as I got off the train at Tower Hill station I caught a glimpse of Tower Bridge and my nerves turned to excitement. From that point I knew being a London wedding photographer was going to be fantastic.

This wedding was slightly different as the bride and groom had already done their legal marriage in Australia, where they lived. The bride originates from London so they also decided to have a London blessing. Two weddings in 2 countries? I loved this couple already!

Both the bride and groom were getting ready at a nearby hotel. After spending some time with the bride and bridesmaids I went to find the groom. He was looking rather nervous and explained he was missing one of the groomsmen, his brother. Many phone calls were made to try and track him down. Opening a bottle of champagne helped calm the nerves. A little while later the missing groomsman arrived to the relief of everyone.

Another first for me at this wedding was that the couple chose to do a first look, this is where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Together we chose to do this a few streets down from the hotel, outside a rather grand looking building. I positioned the groom up some steps out of view and when I got the signal that the bride was ready around the corner I told the groom it was time. The look on their faces when they saw each other was magical. The groom was speechless and they embraced and kissed. On lookers from the wedding party as well as passers by applauded.

It was very important to the bride that we got pictures of them around the city, it was a busy Saturday afternoon and the streets were packed. This was going to be a challenge, but a good one. The buzz of being a London wedding photographer cannot be beaten. Finding space to take the perfect shot without tourists crossing your path, as well as the traffic and pigeons! At one point I was knelt down on a traffic island in the middle of Tower Bridge with the bride and groom opposite, traffic whizzing past us and cars and lorries honking their horns in congratulations. A slightly scary moment but well worth it for a great shot.

We then hopped in a taxi to make our way to the venue for the ceremony. The Anthologist bar was the perfect setting for the young hip couple with its modern interior and low lighting. The bride made her entrance with her mum and dad on each arm, then took her place on a small platform next to her groom. The bride and her family are Jewish, so within the blessing were some Jewish traditions. This was a lovely touch.

Once the formalities were over the happy couple and their guests ate, drank and danced their way into the night. It had been such a wonderful day and a fantastic experience for me. My aching feet were well worth it.

bouquet outside the tower of london bride getting ready bridesmaid doing mascaraGroom cufflinks The rings in the sunlight Groom getting ready Groom looking out of windowfirst look London wedding photographer smiling brode and groom bride and groom at the tower of london london wedding photographer walking towards tower bridge tower bridge kiss happy couple on tower bridge London street bride a groom quiet road reflections London bus the happy couple