Trash The Dress Family Photoshoot

I was first put in contact with Sarah through Dani who is a bride who has booked me to photograph their wedding in 2019. Dani explained to me that Sarah and new husband Dave got married very recently and had booked a photographer to do a family photoshoot in their wedding outfits the coming weekend, however that photographer could no longer do it. After the family shoot they also wanted to do a ‘trash the dress’ style shoot with paint powder, with the newlyweds plus their two children Rhys and Ivy. I knew straight away this was right up my street!

We arranged to meet at Virginia Waters in Windsor by the lake to do the family pictures. As a bonus Dani who had put us in contact came along to help so it was lovely to see her again. It was such a lovely sunny afternoon and the lake was sparking, but it was still very chilly being early November. Sarah and the family looked amazing in their wedding outfits, I especially loved Ivy’s little leather jacket paired with her white dress. Sarah had explained previously she wanted to wear her black wedding dress for this part of the shoot as she hadn’t worn it on her wedding day. Instead going for traditional white, which she would change into for the paint powder fight. I just loved the uniqueness of the black dress Sarah chose for this part of the shoot.

The first location was teeming with people out walking, running and having a day out with their families so next we moved on to another slightly quieter location just the other side of the car park. While we walked over I had a chance to chat to Sarah’s son Rhys. It is really important to me to interact with children when I am taking their pictures, at family shoots as well as at weddings. They need to feel relaxed with me and not just see me as a stranger with my face hidden behind a camera most of the time. I really think this helped as Rhys was amazing at posing for me. Little Ivy was a complete natural in front of the camera and like any 2 year old didn’t keep still for long.

It was then time to jump into our cars and head over to Dave’s mum’s house where were we would do the trash the dress paint fight. Sarah changed into her white dress and we did some ‘before’ pictures with the paint powder ready in hand. I already knew Sarah had planned to get Dave first in the face and we had a little agreement that I’d give her a signal to go for it. It worked like a charm and Dave was the first to get covered.

From that point on it was complete madness and I was in my element photographing it. Paint powder was flying, everyone was running and as Ivy got some tipped over her head she announced ‘That wasn’t nice!’. More powder kept coming from Dani on the side-lines and their white dresses and shirts gradually disappeared as they got more and more covered in the multicoloured powder. It was in their faces, their hair, even their mouths. Eventually the powder ran out and it was time to get cleaned up. Sarah shook her hair in an attempt to get some of the powder out. It created a spectacular cloud that travelled across the garden. As a thank you for Dani’s help she received a paint covered hand across the face from Sarah. True friendship right there!

It was then time for me to leave as they showered and changed. This was my first trash the dress style shoot and I was honoured to do it for such a fantastic family.

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