Crown Inn Pishill Wedding Photographer

Katalin and Stephen’s Crown Inn Pishill wedding was a beautifully warm day in August. It was such a wonderful day in a beautiful location. Family and friends joined the couple to celebrate their wedding and there was so much fun and laughter all day.

I had not photographed a wedding at The Crown Inn Pishill before so prior to the wedding day I wanted to make a little visit to scope it out. I made contact with the team there and made arrangements to visit. More than ever I was pleased I made this visit as when I followed my sat nav and it announced I had arrived at my location I was on a country lane with no wedding venue in sight! A little drive around and I found it, but this is a good example of why visiting a new venue is so important. I wouldn’t want that panic the morning of the wedding.

The Crown Inn Pishill is beautiful barn venue near Henley-On-Thames. It is hidden in a beautiful countryside spot with a 400-year-old Thatched Barn. The 16th Century former coaching inn can be hired for exclusive use on your wedding day and has some lovely spots for wedding photos.

Wedding Morning at The Crown Inn Pishill

I arrived on the morning of the wedding and bride Katalin was getting ready in The Honeymoon Cottage which is a cute little self-contained cottage next to the barn, where the ceremony was to be held. The bride and groom would also stay in the cottage the night of the wedding. How lovely that they had their own little place just a few steps away from where their wedding evening reception would take place.

While the bride was getting her hair and make-up done, I took some time taking photos of her accessories including her beautiful wedding dress, tiara and jewellery. I also took some photos of Katalin’s beautiful bouquet from Ether Events. I also made my way into the barn at The Crown Inn Pishill, to take some photos of this lovely rustic space set up ready for the ceremony. Alastair Craig from Nightlights Disco was to be supplying the music all day for the wedding and I have worked with Alastair before, so we had a quick catch up and compared plans for the wedding day ahead.

A little while later groom Stephen arrived at The Crown Inn Pishill, along with his brother who was also his best man. Not long after some of their family arrived then they all made their way into the shade of the Old Inn building where they put on their ties and later, sorted their buttonholes.

As more wedding guests arrived it was soon time for Katalin to get into her wedding dress and make the short walk from The Cottage to the barn. She was led down the aisle by her flower girls and page boys who did an excellent job. Katalin looked beautiful and happy when she walked towards her husband to be, it made for such a good photo as she smiled, and they looked at each other as the bride reached the front.

A Lovely Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was so lovely and full of smiles and laughter and the father of the groom’s reading was especially touching but also very funny.

After the ceremony it was time for a confetti throw and from speaking to Katalin before the wedding I knew this was a really important photo for her to have from her special day. The front patio at The Crown Inn Pishill seemed like the most obvious place to do the confetti throw, however with the wooden tables this would prove tricky. The stone steps outside the barn were the next best place, however the path was very slim in front, with a flower bed and a drop down to the patio below. So, I quickly popped to my car to get my trusty step ladder and planted myself on the lower patio, so I was on the same level as the steps with plenty of room and no chance of a flower bed fall. Wedding guests lined the steps and I gave the signal for the newlyweds to come outside. It worked so well, and I was really pleased how the photo came out. As an added bonus I was also covered in confetti!

The wedding garden to the rear of The Crown Inn Pishill is a lovely little spot for a drink’s reception. Being surrounded by some lovely tall trees it was ideal for the wedding guests to get a little bit of shade as well as some group photos. The page boys were so keen to get into the woodland for a little adventure someone had to keep going to find them when we needed them for photos.

Photography at The Crown Inn Pishill

Once the group photos were finished, I took the bride and groom away for some photos of just the two of them. The greenery is so pretty in the garden and I just love including lots of greenery in summer wedding photographs.

As wedding guests enjoyed their drinks in the sunshine the team at The Crown Inn Pishill busily turned the room around ready for the wedding breakfast. Once this was completed, I took some time in the barn taking some photos of the beautiful details. Everything looked so pretty from the centre pieces to the chair covers, also from Ether Events. The tree slices and jars for the table centre pieces were my particular favourite as well as the cute Love Heart wedding favours.

Guests started to make their way into the barn ready for the wedding breakfast, and once the front patio was empty, I took the opportunity to get a photo of Katalin and Stephen in front of their wedding venue. The summer sky was so blue, and the couple looked amazing.

The bride and groom were announced into the room to cheers and applause from their guests, then the wedding breakfast began. At this time of a wedding day I like to take the couple’s rings away to do some close-up photos. Their wedding rings were engraved with the date, which is such a lovely touch, so I wanted to be sure I captured the engraving in a photograph.

After the wedding breakfast it was time for the speeches which were both touching and funny. I love photographing speeches and people’s reactions. Champagne glasses were toasted, and the bride and groom looked so happy.

A Lovely Summer Evening

Then it was time for all the guests to head back outside to enjoy the lovely summer evening sunshine as the barn was turned around again for the evening party. The sun was beginning to get lower in the sky and there was hardly a cloud in site. I knew I wanted to make the most of the beautiful sunset that was soon to come so I started to scope out a spot to get a good sunset photograph. The trees in the wedding garden to the rear of The Crown Inn Pishill were too tall and the field next door was not accessible, so they were not a good option. I decided to take a little wander down the lane to see if I could find a better spot. Just a few meters away from the venue was a gorgeous grass verge with long grasses that were glistening in the low summer sunshine. Before I was a wedding photographer, I would have never even looked at a grass verge and declare it was a thing of beauty, but it was, and it was perfect for this sunset photo! I asked the bride and groom if they would be happy to walk the few meters down the road and explained the sun looked wonderful. They were very happy to do so, and the photos came out so well. I was really pleased I made the effort to find the perfect spot.

Evening Wedding Fun at The Crown Inn Pishill

A short time later the barn was ready, and it was time for the cutting of the wedding cake, then the first dance. Katalin and Stephen laughed and smiled throughout their first dance and they looked so happy and in love.

I love getting creative with some off-camera flash for a night-time photo and I had already decided earlier in the evening exactly where I wanted to do it. The sign for The Crown Inn Pishill looked lovely all lit up and I wanted to try and do a silhouette of the couple by a door just below it. As always, I got the lighting set up and practiced the shot, then asked Katalin and Stephen to come outside for just a few minutes. I always ask the couple if they are happy to come away from the party for a few minutes to do these night-time photos. I have not had anyone say no yet and all of them love these creative shots.

The rest of the night was full of so much dancing, a lot of singing, a chair sash around heads and groom Stephen doing a great sing-along to the Grease mega mix (I was impressed!)

This hot sunny day at The Crown Inn Pishill for Katalin and Stephen’s summer wedding was wonderful. The venue was picturesque and romantic and the wedding team at the venue were great and it ran like clockwork. The whole day was a pleasure to photograph and huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Payne on such a brilliant wedding day.

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