Essendon Country Club Wedding Photographer

I first met Sasha and James when I photographed Sasha’s brother Ben’s wedding the previous year. They got in contact a little while later and when they asked me to photographer their Essendon Country Club wedding I was thrilled.

I had never been to Essendon Country Club before, so I got in contact with the Weddings Manager Jo and I we arranged for me to visit prior to the wedding.

Essendon Country Club is so beautiful and is set in over 400 acres of stunning Hertfordshire countryside. The Oak Framed 16th Century Grand Barn is set on two levels with its own private entrance. What I really liked was that the ceremony can take place on the top level, while the lower lever is then all set up ready for the wedding breakfast. Little things like that make my job so much easier as a wedding photographer as It means I can photograph all the details the morning of the wedding and not rush to do them later in the day.

Below are some of my favourite wedding photos from this super fun wedding at Essendon Country Club.

wide view of the outside of essendon country club grand barn
brides wedding shoes sit on a stone step
black and white photo of a wedding dress standing in front of a window
the grand barn at essendon country club set up for the wedding breakfast
wedding centre piece of sweets on a 3 tiered stand with a table name reading black jacks
doughnut bride and groom cake toppers sit on top of a wedding cake
a bride smiles as she sits with her hair in curlers
the bride is reflected in a mirror as she laughs
grooms mother looks proudly at her son
black and white photo of a bride having her lipstick touched up
a bride and a bridesmaid help a young flower girl get ready
a bride smiles as she looks at her reflection in the mirror as she is ready in her wedding dress
a bride smiles at her groom as she sees him as she walks down the aisle with her two brothers
brides brother looks proudly at his sister during a ceremony
bride and groom smile at each other during their wedding ceremony
close up of a smiling bride during their wedding vows
bride and groom fist pump after their first kiss
bride and groom laugh as they sign the wedding register
a bride and groom are showered in confetti after their wedding ceremony
a wedding guest drops a handful of confetti on the grooms head
wide shot of wedding guests during a drinks reception at essendon country club
a wedding guest smiles while drinking a beer in the sun
guests stand and cheer for a group photo at essendon country club
a bride and groom are in the distance with greenery in the foreground
bride and groom are in the distance on a wooden bridge
close up of a bride and groom smiling at each other
a groom hugs his bride from behind as she laughs
essendon country club wedding photographer
newlyweds walk into the distance with trees either side and white puffy clouds in the sky
essendon country club wedding photographer
bride and groom walk down the staircase at essendon country club
black and white photo of a bride and groom smiling as they walk between their guests
wedding rings with a pinecone behind it
groom covers his face in embarrassment during the speeches
groom laughs aloud during the speeches
brother of the bride points to the groom during her speech
mother of the groom makes a wedding speech
bride wipes her eyes with a tissue during speeches
a wedding guest laughs during a funny speech
wide shot of a top table during the grooms speech
bride and groom dance closely during first dance
bride smiles at her guests during wedding speeches
two men dance and laugh together
bride dances as she is surrounded by cheering guests
groom puts his hand in the air as he sings on the dance floor
groom twirls his bride as they stand by a lit up love sign

Essendon Country Club Wedding

The morning of the wedding I arrived at Essendon Country Club where bride Sasha was getting ready with her bridesmaids and bridesmen. The atmosphere was so much fun and there was a lot of laughter throughout the morning.

I spent some time during the morning photographing Sasha’s gorgeous wedding dress as well her shoes and bouquet. I then took some time in the Grand Barn taking photos of the details that were already in place ahead of the wedding breakfast later in the day. They decided to go with a theme of sweets for their table names and centre pieces which looked so good. As a big fan of sweets myself these were really fun to photograph and I promise I did not sample any.

The staircase at Essendon Country Club between the 2 levels is lovely and the cake was ready in place on the middle section of the stairs. The cake from Cassie Cakes & Bakes was so pretty and the cake topper was one of my favourite’s I have ever seen at a wedding. The little bride and groom doughnuts were so cute.

A little while later it was time for Sasha to get into her Cosmobella wedding dress. Once she was ready Sasha’s two brothers who were to give her away come in to see her. I then made my way across the Grand Barn and up the stairs to where James and all the guests were waiting for the brides’ arrival.

The ceremony was so lovely, and everyone could really tell how much these two are in love. The fist pump after their first kiss was one of my favourite parts of the ceremony. It really summed up Sasha and James and what a fun couple they are.

Wedding Photos at Essendon Country Club

It was then time for confetti as all their guests lined up outside the barn. Poor James got a mouthful at one point as well as a handful right over his head. Funny moments like this at weddings are some of my favourite to photograph.

Next it was time to do the group photos down by the lake. Essendon Country Club has such beautiful scenery for wedding photos I was spoilt for choice.

After the group photos it was time to take Sasha and James off for a little while for their photos together. I had already been informed by Jo that a golf buggy would come and take us off to a lovely location on the grounds of Essendon Country Club. This was great fun for me as well as the bride and groom as we scooted off down the drive and past the putting greens, driven by one of the Essendon Country Club staff.

The location we were taken to was a beautiful quiet spot, with a lovely bridge and greenery all around. We did a set of great photos here and the bride and groom were very natural in front of the camera. Such a delight to photograph.

On the way down on the golf buggy I spotted a lovely pond with long grasses all around, so on the way back I asked if we could stop there for a few minutes for a photos. I positioned myself the opposite side of the pond to the bride and groom to make sure I got them surrounded by the long grasses. The photo came out really well and has to be one of my favourites from the wedding day.

A Beautiful Hertfordshire Wedding

Later on, after the wedding breakfast it was time for speeches, and these were such a pleasure to photograph with smiles and laughter throughout. I was very impressed with James’s mum’s speech. She spoke of her son and Sasha with such lovely words it was so touching. They clearly have such a strong mother and son relationship it was very special and having a young son myself I hope we have such a strong bond when he grows up.

During James’s speech they had arranged for 2 birthday cakes to be presented to two of their guests who had birthdays on the same day as their wedding. I thought this was so lovely and really summed up what a lovely couple Sasha and James are. Even though it was their wedding day they wanted to make the effort to mark the birthdays of their friends. So lovely!

A little while later it was time for cake cutting and first dance. Then the dance floor was full which I love, as I love to photograph people having fun.

The dancing continued all evening and wedding guests also chatted outside in the cool evening air.

Sasha and James’s Essendon Country Club wedding was a delight from start to end and a pleasure to photograph. Days like this make me realise just how much I love my job, getting to spend wonderful wedding days with wonderful people. I just love it!

Here is what Sasha and James had to say after their Essendon Country Club wedding:

The service and quality provided for our wedding by Fiona was outstanding. She was always prompt with her correspondence and even added some extra touches that really stood out. The quality of her work is brilliant & we have had nothing but compliments on our photos. During the wedding nothing is too much for her, she is very approachable and very organised. As a photographer she was not demanding and was able to capture beautiful candid moments of us and our guests all without anyone seeing her. The time and effort put into our day by her is amazing and being there from early doors until the end really helped us get the entire day captured. Thank you Fiona for capturing our special day and being brilliant throughout the entire process.

If you want to find out a bit more about Fiona and her approach on a wedding day, please see here.