Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photographer

Dani and Chris’s Pitt Hall Barn wedding was truly a spectacular wedding. From start to end it was the perfect day filled with love, fun, bluebells and a touch of Star Wars.

With the wedding taking place on May the 4th and with both Dani and Chris being big Star Wars fans there were wonderful Star Wars related details throughout the wedding, done in a really classy and subtle way.

Here are some of my favourite photos from this amazing wedding at Pit Hall Barn.

close up shot of a bride holding a mug saying soon to be mrs
a reflection of a bride doing her own make up
a sign with a funny message is above a bedroom door as she does her make up in the mirror
a bride is in her pyjamas with her hair and make up done pouring champagne
a bride with her bridesmaids and her mum stand by a camper van which is their transport to the wedding venue
groom stretches his braces and smiles as he gets ready
overhead shot of a groom doing up his laces
the sign for pitt hall barn on a red brick wall
a wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride outfit hang on a wall
Bouquets from Blue Bells Floral Boutique
the gardens at pitt hall barn with a small tipi and garden games
brides white shoes sit on a wooden bench in a garden
bride smiles over her shoulder as her dress is done up by her bridesmaid
black and white shot of the bride having the bow on her dress done up
mother of the bride smiles proudly as she looks at her daughter in her wedding dress
Spilman's copse at pitt hall barn
rustic flower decorations on hooks at the end of a straw bale for the ceremony
Spilman's copse at pitt hall barn
bridesmaid walks through woodland ahead of the bride at the start of the ceremony
the bride and her mum smile excitedly at each other before walking down the aisle
shot from the back as the bride and her mum walk down the aisle in the woodland at pitt hall barn
a bride smiles as she walks down the aisle and sees her groom
black and white shot as a bride wipes away a tear during her wedding ceremony
a bride laughs during her wedding ceremony while looking at her groom
mother of the bride looks proudly at her daughter during the wedding ceremony
close up shot of a groom putting a wedding ring on his brides finger
a bride smiles at her friend doing a reading during a wedding ceremony
Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photographer
newlyweds walk down the aisle after getting married at pitt hall barn
a bride is hugged by her bridesmaids after the ceremony
Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photographer
bouquet from Blue Bells Floral Boutique
close up of a grooms star wars cuff links
close up of a bride and groom smiling at each other with woodland in the background
a bride and groom walk away from their woodland ceremony at spilman's copse at pitt hall barn
bride and groom hug close together in woodland
black and white shot of a bride and groom kissing on a hillside as the wing catches the brides veil
Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photographer
black and white shot of a bride and groom walk down the hillside at pitt hall barn
pitt hall barn set up for the wedding breakfast
a star wars tapestry is included in a rustic wedding centrepiece
a star wars character as a gift for a child on the wedding breakfast table
wedding cake from ever after cakes
star wars cake from ever after cakes
ever after cakes
star wars characters on a wedding cake by ever after cakes
a bride and groom are showered in confetti outside pitt hall barn
black and white shot of a bride and groom laughing at each other during the confetti throw
blue bells floral boutique
close up shot of weddings rings with an engraving saying may the fourth
a hangover survivial kit in a star wars box at a wedding reception
the bride laughs during the wedding speeches
a mother of the bride makes a speech
a bride and groom toast champagne glasses during the grooms speech
the bride covers her face while laughing during the speeches
the bride looks unhappy while cutting into her gorgeous cake by ever after cakes
first dance at pitt hall barn
black and white shot of a bride and groom hugging during first dance
a bride dancing with her family and they all laugh
Karizma wedding band
neon fairy face painting paints the brides face
the bride and groom smile at each other with their faces painted by neon fairy face painting
a bride and her brother dance with their arms in the air
a bride dances with her bridesmaid
black and white shot of a bride spinning in her wedding dress
night time shot outside pitt hall barn

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Pitt Hall Barn Wedding

I first met Dani and Chris at a wedding fair in 2017 and soon after I visited them at their house to chat further about their wedding and photography on their big day. We got on so well and we chatted about so much as well as weddings. I felt like I was chatting to friends all evening so when they called me a few days later to tell me they wanted me to photograph their wedding I was over the moon. We got to catch up again in the summer of 2018 for their engagement shoot at Hampton Court Palace which was a great day and it just reaffirmed my thoughts that I could not wait to photograph their wedding.

I had not photographed a wedding at Pitt Hall Barn before, so I make contact with Vikki the wedding coordinator and arranged to go for a visit prior to the wedding. I fell in love with Pitt Hall Barn straight away on my visit. It is set within 2,500 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside and with its exclusive use it is the perfect wedding venue and I was so excited to photograph a wedding there.

At Pitt Hall Barn they have a licence to have wedding ceremonies in the woodland at Spilman’s Copse. Dani had told me from the start that is was her dream to have her wedding ceremony in the woodland among the bluebells and their wedding would be right in the middle of bluebell season. I was already excited about the photo opportunities. We were all keeping everything crossed that the weather allowed Dani and Chris to have their wedding ceremony outside at Spilman’s Copse.

The Morning of the Wedding

I arrived at Dani and Chris’s house where Dani was getting ready with her mum and her bridesmaids. The morning was so much fun and relaxed and there was an impromptu visit from Dani’s brother as he popped in with his McDonald’s breakfast.

Dani did her own make up to perfection and Beckie and Kiara from La Belle Hair Salon made all the girls hair look stunning. It was a bit of a journey from their home to Pitt Hall Barn, so the girls were to travel in a VW camper van from Rusty and Roses, in their pyjamas. My idea of the perfect way to travel.

My second photographer for the day Becky spent some time with Chris and his groomsmen at Chris’s parent’s house in the morning, then they headed over to Pitt Hall Barn.

Wedding Ceremony at Pitt Hall Barn

Dani’s wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses were already at Pitt Hall Barn in the bridal prep room along with the gorgeous flowers which had been delivered by Blue Bells Floral Boutique. I was blown away by the bouquets and button holes, they were stunning. I took some time photographing these items before the girls headed in to finish getting ready.

The weather was dry with sunny spells so the ceremony in the woodland at Spilman’s Copse was to go ahead. As the wedding guests arrived, they made their way up the hill and into the beautiful woodland.

Dani’s bridesmaids and mum helped her into her beautiful Eternity Bridal wedding dress. The style suited her perfectly and I particularly loved the off the shoulder lace bolero over the wedding dress. It completed the beautiful bridal look to perfection.

Once all the bridal party were ready, I headed on up to the woodland to be sure I got there ahead of the bride. It was a bit of a walk so Dani and her bridesmaids were taken up in the Pitt Hall Barn Land Rover. As I walked into the woodland to where the clearing was that the ceremony would take place, I was speechless. I had seen it previously for my visit prior to the wedding but today it was all set up like a woodland rustic wedding wonderland.

Dani was walked down the aisle by her mum and her smile as she saw her groom Chris waiting for her at the front was so lovely. These moments and photos are what I love.

The ceremony was so special with so many laughs and happy tears. It was so clear to everyone in attendance how happy and how in love these two are.

Photos at Pitt Hall Barn

Dani and Chris had told me they wanted to do a confetti throw after the ceremony, which could only be done back down by the main barn. However, we wanted to do the bride and groom photos in the woodland at Pitt Hall Barn. So, it was decided prior to the wedding that after the ceremony all the wedding guests would head down to the barn for the drinks reception and we would remain in the woodland to do the bride and groom photos, then we would follow them down for the confetti throw after.

The bluebells and beautiful woodland setting made such a gorgeous spot for photos. I also wanted to make the most of the stunning field on the hillside for more photos. For a long time, I had a photograph in my head that I wanted to try and achieve at a wedding and this setting was perfect for it. I asked Dani and Chris to hold hands and walk a little apart with Chris leading his new bride, while I lay down in the grass in the distance so I could incorporate them as well as the beautiful field full of dandelions and the blue sky with puffy white clouds. I was so happy with the result.

Back down at the barn there was still plenty of time before the wedding breakfast so said to Dani and Chris to have a drink and chat to their guests. There are so many people who want to congratulate the bride and groom at this point in the day so I don’t like to keep them away doing photos for the entire drinks reception duration. Becky and I took the opportunity to go into the barn where the wedding breakfast was to take place. The details and touches were so beautiful with lots of Star Wars references done really tastefully.

I then set eyes upon the cake and what an amazing cake it was. Ever After Cakes had done a wonderful job of the four-tier cake. They had incorporated all the elements of the wedding day from the bluebells to the woodland, to Star Wars characters peaking from behind the trees. I don’t think I have ever taken so many photos of a wedding cake.

Now it was time for the confetti throw which was a lot of fun and there was a lot of confetti which is great for photos. We then did a photo including all of the wedding guests, then we headed over to the gardens beside the barn for some smaller group photos. The beauty of Pitt Hall Barn is that there are so many different locations for photos it is very much a wonderfully unique wedding venue.

Just as the wedding guests started to head in for the wedding breakfast the heavens opened. It was good timing as all the group photos had been done and thankfully everyone was able to head indoors quickly.

Dani and Chris were announced in to the barn to huge cheers and applause from their wedding guests before they all settled down for their afternoon tea, which looked amazing.

At this point in the wedding day I like to take the wedding rings and engagement ring to do some close-up photos. Their rings were engraved with the special date, so I had to be sure I photographed them showing this. I then delivered the rings back safely to the bride and groom.

Evening Wedding Fun

After the wedding breakfast it was time for the speeches, and they did not disappoint. Dani’s mum’s speech was so touching and special. She looked a little nervous, but she did an amazing job. Chris’s speech as well as the best men’s speech were very funny and got a lot of laughs from all the guests.

A little while later evening wedding guests arrived, and it was then time to cut the beautiful cake. Dani was very reluctant to cut into this masterpiece and who can blame her. I love these photos as Dani’s facial expressions said it all.

First dance came next in the smaller part of the barn next door. Their wedding guests surrounded them as the bride and groom danced together in the beautiful rustic surroundings of Pitt Hall Barn.

The dance floor was full for the rest of the evening and their very talented band Karizma did an excellent job. Dani and Chris had arranged for Neon Fairy face-painting to be there at the evening wedding reception and it was such a great idea. Not only did the kids love it but the adults made the most of it too.

As always with the weddings I photograph I like to try and do a night time photo and be a bit creative. The front of Pitt Hall Barn looked so pretty with the festoon lights I wanted to use it for this photo. Becky and I took some time practicing and setting the photo up. I then went and asked the bride and groom to step outside for a few minutes and it didn’t take long to get the photo. It is very important to me that I don’t keep the newlyweds outdoors for too long away from the party and guests.

The rest of the night was so much fun, and the dancing was immense! Dani and Chris’s wedding at Pitt Hall Barn was one I will never forget. The idyllic setting and venue along with wonderful people made it a truly special wedding day. My one regret from the day, that I didn’t have time to get my face painted.

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