Unexpected Wedding Moments

A wedding is a truly wonderful day and I love photographing all sorts of weddings and to me they are all unique and special.

Weddings are full of wonderfully romantic, emotional and special moments. However, there are sometimes unexpected moments that happen which are often very funny! I feel these are part of your wedding day for you to also look back on and laugh at.

It might not just be an unexpected moment that no one knows will happen, it may be a planned surprise which is unexpected for the bride and groom.

Either way my job as your wedding photographer is to tell the story of your wedding day, which for me includes these moments. Below I share some examples of these from past weddings I have photographed, as well as explain a little about how these moments came to be.

Please note no one was harmed in these photographs and I would never take a photo of a serious situation resulting in an injury to anyone at the wedding.

brides veil blows across her face as the newlyweds are covered in confetti
Bride Clare's veil had a life of its own in the September breeze. During their confetti throw the veil almost took off and right into poor Clare's face.
bride nearly falls on the ground as groomsmen nearly drop her
Never trust a group of groomsmen to lift up a bride for a photo. Bride Claire was completely fine and was caught before she hit the floor. In style she laughed it off.
groom winces in a church ceremony as his brides wedding ring will not fit
Groom Max's face says it all as he puts the wedding ring on his bride's finger and it wont go. I'm pleased to say it did eventually go on.
bride laughs as
Bride Vikki found it extremely funny when her new husband got a mouthful of confetti at their Lillibrooke Manor Wedding
bride and groom laugh as they try to cut their wedding cake but cant because there is wire all around the cake on the decoration
Claire and Dan had a little trouble cutting their wedding cake because the decoration meant there was wire all around it and the knife wouldn't go through.
bride and groom take part in a traditional log cutting game at their wedding
Andrea and Matt were surprised by their friends with a traditional Austrian log cutting game. Unexpected but so much fun.
There was a short interruption to group photos when bride Gemma needed some help with her wedding dress layers. There were a lot of them!
bride sings with a band at the evening party at her wedding
An unexpected and brilliant moment when bride Claire got up and sang with the band at her wedding.
groom gets a mouthful of confetti on his wedding day
Poor groom James got a mouthful of confetti. Bride Sasha found it very funny.
austrian dancing at a wedding reception as dancers go round the room in a circle
Andrea and Matt's Austrian family and friends surprised them with traditional dancing and outfits at their Stanlake Park wedding.
bride and groom are covered in confetti from cannons during their first dance
Rosaria and Ben had no idea their family would let off confetti cannons during their first dance.
groom holds Thor's hammer and smiles during wedding speeches
Thor's hammer appearing at a wedding will always be unexpected!

Saving the best for last

One of my favourites is gorgeous little Vinnie making a scene during his Mum and Dad's ceremony. He took a liking to the plinths and got inside one, then had to be prized out by the Mother of the Bride. Having a son myself I know how cheeky they can be!

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different blog, and it brought a smile to your face. Something that is always unexpected and uncertain on a wedding day is the weather. See here for my blog all about rainy wedding days.

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